Sunday, December 28, 2008

On The Cuff

There is an article in the January/February 2009 issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery titled On The Cuff. The article by Eileen Roche is a fantastic how-to on monograming on the cuff of men's shirts. It covers everything from lettering size, to placement, to stablizing and hooping. Well, I couldn't pass up this learning experience my dear hubby has monograms on his shirt cuffs!!

The key to doing this is getting the placement worked out but I think I have it mastered now. It was fun doing these shirts.

Luck, love and laughter,



Lesli said...

Looks like you have this technique down!!! I hope you had a great Holiday!!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

This is wonderful Judy!! Your husband is going to be stylin' in his shirts!!

RobinDiane said...

looks great, Mom!

Crayola58 said...

Wow, on the cuff. I just can't imagine how. They look great, Judy.
Have a happy safe New Year.