Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Robin

Today is my daughter Robin's birthday. Happy Birthday, dear sweet Robin.

She called me first thing Saturday morning to tell me that one of our two scrapbook stores was going out of business and everything in the store was 50% off starting Saturday. We made plans to meet there at 10:00 when the store opened. We were not the only ones who made those plans. There was a line waiting for the doors to open. Since I had planned to give her cash for her birthday, I went ahead and gave it to her and she used it to buy things she wanted.

I feel like I have been chained to the sewing machine the last few days. Orders for tote bags to be completed. slacks to shorten for my sister-in-law, etc. I still have an order for two more tote bags to make and shirts that I want to embroider for Addie and Sarabeth.

Rain, rain go away. It was raining when I got up early yesterday morning, rained non stop all day, and was still raining when I went to bed last night. And it is still raining this morning.

Luck, love and laughter,


ScrapMomOf2 said...

I think that rain is heading our way. It's actually been pretty nice around here! We did get a little rain yesterday, but it waited until we got the grass cut!

Happy Birthday to Robin! How sad that a store is closing down. That always makes me feel so bad for the owners! This darn economy!

Have a great week Judy!

Glee said...

Happy Birthday, Robin! I hope both of you were able to snag some great goodies! It seems like a lot of scrapbook store are closing....that is so sad!

I am looking forward to seeing your recent totes! You always do the most wonderful work!