Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh What a Mess

My sewing/craft room is one big mess right now!!! My dear hubby found a wonderful sewing machine cabinet at an estate sale last weekend. I have a really great one that I use for my embroidery machine and this one will be perfect for my sewing machine. He also is getting his Dad's roll top desk which he has decided will make a wonderful scrapbooking desk with all it's drawers and cubby holes. But the whole room has to be rearranged to make everything fit. One tall cabinet has to leave the room along with a folding table and the table/desk that my computer was on. Yesterday he got my computer moved to the desk that I was using for scrapbooking. Everything that was on that desk is now on the folding table -- do you get the picture? Lots and lots of continually shifting things around. It's just one big mess right now. Yesterday I went to KMart on my lunch hour and bought several big Rubbermaid storage containers to store fabric in. I am taking a vacation day Wednesday so we can spend the day working on the room. I'll be doing a lot of sorting of things in cabinets and unloading them so they can be moved. Hopefully we can get it all rearranged except for the roll top which he plans to get on Friday when our grandsons can help him move it. It will be great when it is finished and I think I will have a much more workable furniture layout in the room. But getting to that point is not any fun. Oh well, let's just consider it a good organizational time.

Luck, love and laughter,



RobinDiane said...

You need to post pictures of the progress..........what a mess!

Michelle said...

My youngest daughter is moving out in January. I'll be converting her room into my craft room! That will be an adventure, too!