Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sarabeth's Halloween Costume

Sarabeth wants to be Hannah Montana for Halloween. Here is the outfit that I made for her to wear for Halloween.

I found the iron on crystal transfer on eBay and applied it to a black tee shirt. There was enough black material left over from the trick or treat bags that I made for the girls to make a skirt. I did decorative stitching on the skirt to match the colors in the the transfer and added some hot fix crystals between the rows of stitching. Joy is supposed to get her a Hannah Montana wig and she will wear her black boots. I'm sure she will be wearing this outfit a lot.

There was enough camo material left over from the camo baby tote bag that I made recently for Joy for a baby gift to make a skirt for Sarabeth. Her daddy and big brothers are really into hunting and Sarabeth loves to wear camo. Joy found a brown tee shirt and I came up with this outfit for Sarabeth.

I did a decorative stitch on the skirt in brown to match the shirt and used some metallic thread to give a little shine and glitz to the embroidery on the shirt.

Now I just have to make the tail for Addie's "Lizard Witch" costume. The cape is finished and Robin has already taken it to Addie. I wish Addie would wear skirts -- I would love to make her some of these cute outfits but she won't have any thing to do with anything girly girly. So I've got to find some tee shirts to embroidery for her with monsters, pirates, etc.

Luck, love and laughter,


RobinDiane said...

The outfits turned out adorable. SB will love them!!! I know I wish Addie was more girlie girl instead of wanting red marker all over her body.

Deb said...

These are fabulous, but I can't wait to see the lizard witch!! What an awesome Gramma!

Kylie w Warszawie said...

So pretty! Seth wanted to be the Incredible Hulk, but there was mix up and the costumes are not going to make it here. So I'm going to paint him green and make him wear short pants:).

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Awesome! This is all so fantastic! I can't wait to see the lizard witch!!

Glee said...

Boy, do you create the most outstanding items! These are AWESOME, my Friend!