Friday, February 29, 2008


This week seems like it has lasted forever....a very long week at work. I'm sure part of it is this cold that I have battling for the last week.

Wednesday night I worked on birthday gifts for Sarabeth and Addie to give to one of their preschool classmates. His birthday party is tomorrow. I understand that Grayson and Addie are best buds. He is a BIG Spiderman fan -- probably where Addie got her obsession with Spiderman. I did a Spiderman embroidery on a sweatshirt and also embroidered Spiderman on a towel for him.

Tonight was a pizza night for us.....I had no energy to cook so we ordered a pizza. Takeout delivery is wonderful!

We have a busy day tomorrow. Sarabeth's first soccer game is tomorrow afternoon. Addison is staying with us while Robin goes to a scrapping session. Sarabeth will be with us tomorrow night while Joy and Danny work a concert at the arena. And the house has to be cleaned! Where is my magic wand or fairy godmother!

Luck, love, and laughter

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RobinDiane said...

Thanks. I got them from Joy this morning. Sarabeth is not going to the party. But I have already wrapped the goodies up and signed the card from Addie and Sarabeth.