Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gorgeous Saturday

We had an absolutely gorgeous day here with a high in the low 70's and beautiful sunshine. A perfect day for Sarabeth's first soccer game. Those four year olds were so cute running around the soccer field trying to move the ball. Sometimes in their excitement they moved the ball to the other team's goal. But our Sarabeth did make a goal. Yeah for her! Addison came to the game and got real upset because she couldn't play. She's not old enough -- won't be four until July. But we told her she could play Fall Soccer.

Her uniform is just a little big on her.

Look at her run!

Love the tongue stuck in her cheek!

Addison and Sarabeth came home with us after the game. They had a big time playing together and we enjoyed our time with them.

Pawpaw with his girls.
Got most of the housework done this morning so I hope I'll have some creative time tomorrow.
Luck, love, and laughter


Lesli said...

What a little cutie she is - I bet she is a wonderful player!

Kylie in Warsaw said...

LOL, this remind me of when my daughter played soccer as a 4 year old. She was so tiny (still is) that the uniform was huge on her. Too cute!

RobinDiane said...

Love the picture of the girls with Dad.