Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crazy Tuesday

We woke up this morning to snow. The ground and vehicles were covered but the street was clear. So I got ready for work thinking I've got it made with the streets clear. By the time I started getting my truck (yes, I drive a truck and love it) cleared of the snow, snow was beginning to accumulate some on the street. You have to realize that I live in a very hilly section of town and my house is about half way up the north side of a hill. I bravely started up the hill and went the long way around to work rather than going my usual way through the neighborhoods (up and down hills). Encountered some slushy spots and breathed a big sigh of relief when I got to work. We have so little of this nasty weather that I am not the least bit comfortable driving on it. At least this was snow and not ice. Then low and behold by 9:30 the snow had stopped and the streets were clear again.

Here is a picture of the wooded area behind the back parking lot of the building where I work that I took after I got to work. Everything was covered with snow and so pretty.

Now here is the same view when I left work at 5:00 this afternoon. Where did all the snow go?

Would you believe they are forecasting a high tomorrow of 58 to 60 degrees!
Robin just called to tell me she has the stomach bug that is going around. I had it about three weeks ago and Addie had it last week. I can't remember when I have been that sick. It really knocked me for a loop. So lets hope it doesn't keep her down too long.
Luck, love, and laughter.


Lesli said...

Isn't that incredible - I have had photos like that too. Stick around the weather will be different in a few hours!

Amy said...

oh poor Robin..ugh..so many people are getting that bug...um..could you send some of that 58degrees this way...our yard still looks like your before picture...LOL

Lisa said...

I live in Memphis..same crazy weather here! I love your blog, I am adding you to my favorites. Your wedding pages are great.