Friday, March 21, 2008

My First ATC

Okay, I just finished my very first ATC. It features sewing -- I did a bunch of different stitches on the sewing machine and added some decorative trim. I'm not sure about it -- will let it sit overnight and then try to look at it with an objective eye tomorrow morning and get my critic, Robin's opinion.

I do have a question about ATC's. What info is normally recorded on the back to identify the "artist"?

Have a great Easter weekend.

Luck, love and laughter,



Kylie in Warsaw said...

Usually you would put your name and the date and whether this is a number of a series on the back. I also usually title mine, but it's not necessary. You can add contact information on the back if you like (but in the the more formal ATC swaps there is a different "signature" card for that- it's usually the same card, like a business card, that's included with the other ATCs).

For a series (for example, I've made cards that all have a background of Polish newspapers and that's my "gazeta" series, the designs atop them are different, but they have the recurring theme of Polish newspaper), you would number them 1 (or 2 or 3) of however many you have.


Lisa said...

This is my first ATC swap too. So I think I'm learning as I go, but I think Amy wants us to put our name, blog address or anything else you want to add. On mine I put name, address and blog address.

Sounds like Kylie is a pro!

Amy said...

oh're such a tease..LOL..I'm reading you post thinking I'm going to get a look at your first card but nope..LOL...Kylie's an ATC Genius..for this one I was asking for your name, blog address, and if you want to add you physical address as well, or just city, state, country...because I thought it would be really neat to know where they all came you're making a mini artodex (rolladex of art)....have a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

Okay missus where is it... I need a You can't tease us like this, your atc sounds wonderful :D
Hope you are having a wonderful Easter :D