Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Evening

Ah, daylight savings time has arrived. As glad as I am to see it, it will take my system at least two weeks to adjust to the time change.

I'm afraid I have not been the least bit productive this weekend creatively. No scrapbooking, no sewing, no embroidery projects were on the horizon. Since my fairy godmother did not show up or a magic wand suddenly appear, I did manage to get some housework and laundry done. And to treat myself, I got my nails done yesterday afternoon.

This morning I went through picture files on the computer, uploaded some older pictures to Walgreens, and ordered prints. My number one goal for the week is to get pictures organized and filed by category so I won't have to hunt when I want to scrapbook.

I went to Tuesday Morning this afternoon to see if they still had a couple of things that were in the ad last week. I was able to get two 12 x 12 scrapbooking kits for $9.99 each. Included in each kit are album, paper, stickers, and other embellishments. I also got two packages of the charms for Crocs for the girls. Mission accomplished.

Number two goal for the week is to do a couple of LO's from sketches. This is something that I have not done before. I have a couple of pictures in mind for Lesli's Sunday sketches; I just have to decide which one I am going to use. I figure two goals should be obtainable...anymore than that would discourage me.

I haven't yet introduced you to the third member of our household, our sweet, lovable Annie. She is a terrier mix that we adopted several years ago from the Humane Society. Annie is spoiled rotten and pretty much rules the roost around our household.

Everyone have a great week.

Luck, love and laughter,


Dianna said...

If your Fairy Godmother DOES happen to show up...send her MY way*!*

My doggie's name is Annie too...they don't get rotten, they just start thinking that they are people :)

Chris said...

I need a fairy Godmother guess she would be pretty popular with most of us should she show up :)
Love the pic of your cute little Annie :)

RobinDiane said...

Good luck on your goals!!!