Sunday, September 7, 2008

Girly Girl Shirt

Joy and Sarabeth were in town yesterday afternoon and stopped by for a visit. I had one short sleeve shirt left and I showed Sarabeth an idea I had found for embellishing a shirt. She liked it and we looked at my ribbon stash for ribbon to use on it. So last night I worked on her shirt and here is her girly girl shirt.

Aunt Robin called to see if Sarabeth was still here. Addie wanted to talk to her. So Sarabeth and Addie talked on the phone and Addie asked her to please bring her monster shirt to her. We are talking about four year olds having a phone conversation. There is only eight months age difference in these two cousins with Sarabeth being the oldest. They are extremely close -- best friends. They go to the same preschool but have had to be separated into different classes. They are going to be on the same soccer team this Fall. My son-in-law Danny (Sarabeth's daddy) is their team's coach. It was such a hoot watching Sarabeth play soccer last Spring; Addison was broken hearted that she couldn't play (she wasn't old enough then). I can just imagine the fun it's going to be watching both of them play this Fall. We'll be going to Benton next Saturday to watch their first soccer game.

Luck, love and laughter,



RobinDiane said...

That shirt turned out too cute! Sarabeth will love it. I'll come by tomorrow to get it for her.

Kylie w Warszawie said...

That's a cute shirt. It's so sweet that the cousins are so close!

My kids have to be content with each other.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

GORGEOUS! You are amazingly talented Judy! Your granddaughters are so lucky that you can make these one-of-a-kind shirts for them!! They're stylin' little girls, aren't they??

Michelle said...

Everytime I see the name Sarabeth it surprises me. That is my neices name also!