Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Personal Shopper

I have my very own personal shopper!!

I recently received a very nice order for large denim tote bags and the smaller purses like what I made last Spring which will be for Christmas gifts. I mentioned to my hubby Sunday that I needed to keep a lookout at Hancocks, Hobby Lobby and Wal Mart for denim to be on sale. He replied that he had to do a posting in Batesville this week and did I want him to go to the big fabric warehouse that is there. To which I replied, THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

Yesterday he went to Batesville to do his foreclosure sale posting at the courthouse (he is a 3rd party posting provider for a local attorney) armed with samples of denim and a sample of the craft stiffner/interfacing that I use in the bags. The amount of fabric in this store is mind boggling and the prices are fantastic. He bought denim for me but they were out of the stiff interfacing that I need.

When he left Batesville, he went on to Heber Springs to do another posting at the courthouse there. While at the courthouse, he asked to see a telephone directory so he could see if there were any fabric stores. He found Quilter's Corner Fabric and they had the stiff interfacing that I need. He brought me her business card and said she would be happy to mail some to me whenever I needed more.

He is the greatest!!



ScrapMomOf2 said...

Judy, he IS the greatest! Please tell him that I think so! You are a lucky lady! He is a sweetheart! You mentioned other things about him, and he just couldn't sound any more wonderful!

Crayola58 said...

He IS the greatest. Absolutely!!!