Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Go Away Gustav!!

Tropical Depression Gustav has stalled out over Arkansas...we have had continuous rain and sustained high winds since early yesterday morning. Over 100,000 customers are without power in the state. We lost power at our house for about 6 hours yesterday and now we are in a little pocket that has power. There is no power in the neighborhoods to the east and west of us. We have lost our phone service--just got our DSL back a short time ago but still do not have our voice service.

According to the news, Entergy has called back the lineman crews that were sent to Louisiana and crews passing through Arkansas on their way to Louisiana have been recruited to help restore power. But they are not able to do any work on power lines yet because of the high winds. With sustained winds of 20-25+ mph and gusts up to 40 mph, it is too dangerous for them to go up in the buckets to work on power lines and transformers.

Here in Little Rock, our two day rainfall total is about 5 inches. But there are some parts of the state that have received up to 9 inches. And it is still raining! As you can imagine, there is flooding especially in low lying areas.

There is good news, though. We are supposed to start having some clearing tomorrow afternoon and sunshine on Friday. Yipee!!!!



Michelle said...

I hope everything is going ok for you... Saying my prayers!

Lisa said...

I know that ya'll got hit hard, I hope that there wasn't too much damage from flooding. I'm glad you were one of the fortunate that didn't lose power for long.

Lesli said...

I hope it goes away soon! Thoughts are with you! Stay safe!!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Wow, that is a lot of rain! I get so nervous when we lose electricity, because if it's off long enough, our basement will flood without the sump pump! Ugh! We had 2.5" of rain yesterday, but I think it's done for us. I'm so glad it wasn't worse for you! Take care!!