Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monster Shirt

As I have mentioned before, my four year old granddaughter, Addison, is not a girly girl. She likes super heros, pirates, cars, trains...stuff little boys are into. This has made it very difficult for me to make things for her that incorporate what she likes but still be for a little girl. If Addie thinks it is too girly or fussy, she will refuse to wear it which is probably why I have not made hardly anything this summer for my two granddaughters.


I visited my favorite embroidery machine design site this morning and found a cute set of monster machine embroidery applique designs. So I embroidered this shirt for Addie this afternoon. His body and feet are appliqued and the rest is embroidered.

I think he is just adorable.


Luck, love and laughter,



RobinDiane said...

Addie is ready to come get her shirt today. She loves it!

Glee said...

Whoa, Judy, this is just the greatest! My daughter was like your Addie; wearing anything non-girly! Now, she has two little girls and they sure wear those girly, girly outfits now! HA!

You sure have made some wonderful things since my last visit; I loved looking at each one and especially reading about Gustav. It was great to read that all is well now and "he" is gone!

Thank you, Judy, for all your support during this time of recovery for me. You are so dear!

Kylie w Warszawie said...

I LOVE this monster! He's adorable!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I think this is just fantastic and totally adorable! I would wear a shirt with that monster on it! I bet she LOVES it!

Michelle said...

he is adorable!~